Frequently Asked Questions

What are the vaccination requirements?

A certificate is required to verify your cat's current vaccination status with the triple vaccination (Feline Herpesvirus, Calcivirus, Panleukopenia) within the past 12 months or at least 14 days prior to boarding.We prefer 21 days prior to boarding.

I work during the day, and would like to bring my cat after work. Is this acceptable?

Our hours are by arrangement so that we can be flexible. This is not a problem except during the Christmas/New Year period when we are only open 8-11am & 3-5pm.

This is the first time I have boarded my cat. What is the procedure if my cat does not settle?

Most cats adjust well but if we see that a cat is feeling apprehensive we take time to reassure it with plenty of TLC. Invariably it sees the other cats looking very relaxed and soon follows suit.
We do ask for contact details should a problem eventuate, however this is very unlikely. The Kumeu Veterinary Clinic is also close by,a half kilometre from our property.
You may like to read our testimonials for some reassuring comments regarding our service.

I understand that I pay for boarding in advance, when I deliver my cat to the cattery. Do I get a refund if I return earlier than intended?

We do not refund, but if requested will be happy to credit the unused balance cost for future boarding if the stay is over 21 days.