Let us show you around and also meet some of our own Dhyana Birman cats

Front entrance to our property

Booking in then conducted here at our home

Garden walkway to the cattery

Front entrance to the main cattery

Inside the main cattery

One of the outside play areas which are on both sides of the cattery

Our lakeside cattery which we use during the summer holiday period. It is cool and peaceful. The longhaired, older and slightly timid cats like it here

Dhyana Birmans - Several Best In Show winners from this line

This is our breeding cattery

There are 3 generations in this family photo of seal and blue point birmans: grandmother, two daughters and one grand-daughter

Meet Ch. Dhyana Selinus. He is our blue point stud cat, son of Ch. Dhyana Zante and grandson of Ch. Romford Li-Ming. Reserve Best In Show Entire Cat, Best Entire Cat Owned and Bred by Exhibitor awards at the Birman Cat Club of N.Z Show 2004

Dhyana Chrysale is a young kitten in this photo. She was born in 2003 and has a 3rd best in show kitten award from the Birman Cat Club Show 2004

Dhyana Yuri, born 2003, is a young kitten here. He is Chrysale's great mate, and has also shown promise with 3rd BIS kitten awards at the National and Birman Cat Club shows 2004

Dhyana Chrysale at 6 months of age

Dhyana Yuri at 6 months of age

Emma, grandmother of Chrysale and Yuri and daughter of our first champion stud cat "Ming". Li-Ming is featured on the front cover of The Sacred Cat

Our beautiful Ming, who lives on in his progeny. He was grandfather to most of the cats we have now. Several of the cats in The Sacred Cat book were Dhyana birmans. Can you see the likeness to those above?

Birman Cat Club N.Z. Breeder's Award 2004

Dhyana Grettir The Strong - Best in Show kitten 2005 Birman Cat Club NZ

Dhyana Fabbro seal point male

Ch. Dhyana Blaise blue point male

Dhyana blue point birman kittens at 5 weeks old

What on earth are these!There are only two of them and three of us,we should be OK

Another foreigner but he is quite a lot of fun