Accommodation: We have two cattery buildings and both are well ventilated for summer and warm in the winter.

Units are accessible to spacious, outside covered play areas.

Peaceful and serene music creates a stress-free atmosphere.

Individual housing is available from February to November.

Hours: By arrangement every day Monday to Sunday except during Christmas/New Year (Dec. 20th - Jan. 20th)

Christmas/New Year hours are 8-11am & 3-5pm daily except on closed or part-closed days which will be advised in advance.

Diet: We provide premium brand dry food in the morning and top quality beef and cooked fish in the evening.

Grooming: Regular grooming for all boarders.

Medication: We are happy to administer as advised.

Personal Care and Attention: We provide a quality service which ensures that your special pet is happy,well-fed & content.


Our charge is $20.50 per cat per day until 1/12/2016 when it will become $21.00 The price includes GST and applies to the day of the cat's arrival and departure.
A non-refundable deposit will be required for Christmas/New Year bookings. Discounts available for longer term stays, over 3 weeks, except in the Christmas/New Year period.